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For 9/25/2000

The three paragraphs below were taken directly from my column written 12/01/99 (see the Archives). The Patriots had just lost their 3rd game in a row to drop to 6-5 after a 6-2 start. Until I can figure out what to write following the Pats 0-4 start this year, I thought these words I wrote 9 months ago would be appropriate in the interim. Look for my new column to be up first thing Wednesday morning.

Perhaps the likeable Pete Carroll is not the right man for the job, but to think that an Art Shell or Bill Belichick would have won the past 3 games in a row is just wishful thinking. If the Patriots continue to sputter and miss the playoffs, Pete Carroll likely will be replaced, as then too should Bobby Grier. Before you celebrate that decision, however, who the heck replaces Pete Carroll? Who makes up his staff of assistants? Will the new regime be able to compete in the AFC East next year? While it's very popular these days in the local media and talk radio to call for Carroll's head, that eventuality does not exactly leave me with great hope for the future.

In 1989, Raymond Berry was replaced after a 5-11 season. The media and fans back then were begging for his release just as ferociously as they are for Carroll's release today. The complaints were similar in that Berry was not "tough" enough and didn't have that in-your-face approach that for some reason everyone thinks is a redeeming quality in head coaching. Well, everyone got their wish and the Patriots won a collective 9 games over the next 3 seasons before the Tuna arrived to save the franchise in 1993. For those who say "Fire Carroll! It can't get any worse!" trust me, it can. It can get much worse.

If you are a Patriots fan, the best thing that can happen is for Pete Carroll to be back next season. That would mean the Patriots finished 11-5 and made the playoffs. If Carroll is not back next year, that likely means the Pats finished 9-7 or worse, and the quest for a championship starts all over again with a completely new cast, who, hopefully, is more effective that the present one. For all the players on the team (Milloy, etc.) who are likely hoping that Carroll will be gone, there is an old saying which applies. Be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it.