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For 8/27/96

Let the games begin...

After four weeks of meaningless pre-season football, it's time to put the pads on for real and put up or shut up. For those of you who may be overly optimistic about the Patriots 3-1 pre-season record, consider that Jacksonville beat the '49ers 38-10 (or something like that). The NFC heavyweight Packers were pasted by the Colts 30-6. If you think the Pats 3-1 is that good, then you must think the '49ers and Packers will battle it out with the Cowboys for the rights to Payton Manning next April. Go Jaguars? Please.

I'm not all doom and gloom, however. Ignoring the record, we can reserve some hope in the play of the team in general. Curtis Martin seems to have picked up where he left off; consistently making would-be tacklers look bad. Willie McGinnest and the rest of the defense seems to have adjusted well to the 4-3. The front seven are playing very aggressive in-your-face defense, and the unit is much improved with the additions of Marc Wheeler, Monty Brown, and rookie Devin Wyman. The secondary seems to be playing much better than last year. This may be the most improved part of the team. Ty Law and Company fell asleep a few times against Washington, but as a whole the secondary played well throughout the pre-season. Drew Bledsoe appears more confident and comfortable than he did last year. It helps that his offensive line did not allow a sack while he was in there. Drew still has not approached his '94 form, where all the fans in the stands were sure that every ball leaving his magic hands would be completed.

On Sunday the 1st, the preseason will be soon forgotten. Come December, no will care that the Pats looked good against Green Bay and Dallas in August. We'll be too busy scampering for playoff tickets.

For What It's Worth...

I will now attempt to do what every other football "genius" in the country has done for their respective publications; predict the future. Those wizards, many of whom are ex-NFL players, are no more adept at picking the winners than the rest of us. How else do you explain how people who know nothing about football win the office pool every week? Having said that, I will take my best shot for this seasons predictions. I will also pick 4 games each week against the Las Vegas line, and keep track of how I do throughout the season. If I'm 0-16 after 4 weeks, you'll all know it.

That's all for this week. As the season progresses, you can look back at this column in my archives and ridicule my predictions. Thanks for reading, and let's get ready for KICKOFF '96!