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For For 1/22/97

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I am sorry that it took me 8 days following the Pats' big home AFC Championship game victory on the 12th to write a column, but the image you see above has certainly taken the wind out of my sails. After following the Pats with a passion for as long as I can remember, I was informed with a simple postcard that I would not be getting tickets to the game I have been waiting most of my life for. (I was only 16 when the Pats played in Super Bowl XX, so going down there was not an option).

Super Bowl Ticket Postcard

Having held (5) season tickets since 1986, I am hardly in the class of fans who have held accounts since the days of Ed "Butch" Songin and Fenway Park, but in those 11 years I have only missed 5 games. That was during the 4 years I attended College in Burlington, VT. I could go on and on about how I love the Pats here, but that is not my point. There are thousands just like me in New England and Green Bay who were not given the opportunity to buy tickets to this game. I feel for the faithful of Lambeau Field who will have no choice but to watch from home as their heroes play in their biggest game since the days of Vince Lombardi, for whom the Championship Trophy is named.

Getting that postcard was like being dumped by a long time girlfriend. You were true blue to her when she was 100 pounds overweight, had real bad acne, and buck teeth. Everyone else told you she was ugly, but you loved her just the same. Now that she's lost the weight, cleared up her skin, and got those braces off, she's just been offered the biggest modeling job in the country and suddenly you're not good enough for her. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Of the 72,000 seats in the Superdome, only 20,000 were allocated to the participating teams; 10,000 each. 11,000 went to luxury box holders in the Superdome, otherwise known as Millionaire half-hearted Saint's Fans. About another 20,000 went to the other 28 teams in the league, and the remaining 20,000+ went to the NFL league offices to dole out. Part of the NFL's allotment are raffled off (from mail in entries) before the season even starts. That is like holding a raffle for lottery tickets, or offering $1,000 gold bars at a discounted price of $275.

Does the NFL really think or expect that those "lucky winners" are going to the game this Sunday? Get a clue. The NFL, in it's wisdom, effectively awarded about 5,000 miniature ticket agencies across the country a chance to make a quick buck. It's the surest investment out there. With policies like this in place, please don't give the loyal fans that old "supply and demand" B.S. Sure there aren't enough tickets for everyone, but worse than the people who don't get tickets are the people who do.

There is no way any owner can justify a 30+ year season ticket holder going without tickets. No way, no how. Of the original 72,000 tickets given out by the league and it's teams, how many of the original recipients would you guess are going to the game? If it's 10,000 or more, I'd be shocked. Ticket agencies across the country are loaded with tickets starting at $1,000, and they didn't get them from the NFL. Those who chose to cash in rather than let the true fans of the sport attend the game, I hope you all get run over by a slow moving truck. At this point I will stop complaining and offer my solutions to this NFL fiasco.

1) Tell the luxury box owners of the Superdome that they get 20 tickets each to the game. (The press and VIP's take over their boxes at the Super Bowl). The Saints ain't in it, so tough S---!! That would amount to about 2,000 or so seats. Granted they paid a fortune for their boxes, but they can have them for the other 364 days of the year, and 20 tickets to the game is more than enough. Tickets saved: 9,000.

2) Eliminate the random mail-in drawing at the start of the season. We don't even know who's gonna play the game!! If I got tickets in May, I would not have much interest in attending a Green Bay - Denver Super Bowl, nor would 95% of the people outside of those regions. This policy is stupid. Dumb Dumb Dumb. Tickets saved: 5,000 (?).

3) Does the NFL really need the remaining 15,000 seats? No. This is the fans game. Granted this is "a business", but how much grooming of sponsors is necessary when you annually host the largest TV event on the planet? It's not like Pepsi and Bud wouldn't advertise if they didn't get 1,000 tickets to the game. I'll leave some stroking for the strokers, but only half of the current allotment. Tickets saved: 7,500.

4) Giving 20,000 to the remaining teams is a fair policy, and should remain in place. No tickets saved here, but that's OK.

5) Even though the Pats got only 10,000 tickets, giving away only half to the season ticket holders is a slap in the face. At least 2/3 of the allotment should go to the fans who renewed their accounts year after year after Jets-like seasons. The players already make millions. Give them 10 (not 30) tickets each and let them figure a way to dip into their fat wallets to come up with the rest, not Joe 6-pack fan.

(1) through (3) above saved a total of 21,500 tickets. That would bring the total given to the Pats and Packers to 41,500, or about 57% of the available seating. That's over 20,000 tickets to each team. That's more like it.

6) Each team should allocate 2/3 of their tickets to season ticket holders. 1/3 should be given out on the sole basis of seniority. (I probably still would not get a seat here, so this isn't a selfish policy on my part). That would give 3,500 accounts (7,000 tickets) 2 tickets to the big show. I'd bet over 80% of those fans would actually go to the game, and the rest would find a friend to give them to at face value. You won't find too many scalpers in this select group of diehards. Those accounts not "senior" enough to qualify would then be entered into the weighted lottery system as it exists today.

With the above distribution, I still may not get tickets, but at least this system is a lot more fair. Even with the 5,000 tickets allotted to season ticket holders, the fist 2,000 should have been given away based on seniority. I've said this before, but there is NO WAY to justify a 30 year account holder not being offered tickets. It just plain stinks!

Being the diehard that I am, getting snubbed by the business did not prevent me from getting tickets to the game. I put the word out to everyone I knew that I needed tickets, and two finally came in, but at a premium, of course. I have a few people to thank for that, but they shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Now that I have all that bitching out of my system, please check out my Corner, which has a slightly more positive spin to it...