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For 4/20/97

Here's how the Pats did on draft picks, with Clint's usual unbiased opinion on the players.

Round Overall Pick Name Position School
1 29 Chris Canty DB Kansas State
2 58 Brandon Mitchell DL Texas A&M
3 61 Sedrick Shaw RB Iowa
3 89 Chris Carter DB Texas
4 97 Damon Denson OL Michigan
4 125 Ed Ellis OL Buffalo
5 159 Vernon Crawford LB Florida State
6 192 Tony Gaiter WR Miami (FL)
7 230 Scott Rehberg OL Central Michigan

Chris Canty
DB, Kansas State
Height: 5-9 5/8, Weight: 194, 40 time: 4.45

Pros: Although considered less than ideal size for the position, Canty consistently took on the opponents best receivers with confidence and a very physical style of play. Even at 194, Canty is not afraid to come up and play the run. Will beat a receiver to death at the line of scrimmage, and his speed allows him to recover quickly when his aggressiveness takes him out of the play. Is considered an excellent cover one-on-one cover guy. Has excellent hands, and is a good ball athlete. Can play a few downs at Wide Receiver.

Cons: Very cocky. May think he is better than he is. Is not afraid to talk it up on the field, which may get him into trouble with the more talented receivers in the NFL.

Brandon Mitchell
DL, Texas A&M
6-2 3/4, 288, 4.85

Pros: Not much fat on this 288 pounder. An awesome specimen. Has DL written all over him. Is both quick in pursuit and explodes off the ball. Excellent open field runner for his size. Will not get pushed out of the way on running plays.

Cons: Jeckyl and Hyde player. Turns on and off his ability. His size may make him a tweener in the NFL - too short for an end and too light for a tackle.

Sedrick Shaw
RB, Iowa
5-11 1/2, 215, 4.60

Pros: Iowa's all time single season and career rushing leader. Has had over 1000 yards in each of the past three seasons. Is a power back with speed. Can either run over or around initial tackler. Has "Curtis Martin-like" spinning and twisting moves.

Cons: May do too much juking and not enough North South running at times. Has trouble recognizing the hole. Does not have good cutting ability. Speed a question in getting to the outside at the next level.

Chris Carter
S, Texas
6-1 1/4, 202, 4.5

Pros: A real field general on defense. Excels in pre game study of his opponent, and can make the last minute adjustments before the snap. Gifted athlete with complete package of speed, hands, jumping ability and physical strength. Has shown the ability to get to the play and help out the DB.

Cons: Not a very physical tackler, and appears to shy away from the big hit opportunities.

Damon Denson
OG, Michigan
6-3 1/2, 303, 5.37

Pros: Perfect physical makeup of a dominant NFL guard. Huge Legs and Butt combined with a massive upper body. Uses his leverage very well. Can explode off the snap and dominate his defensive opponent for an entire game. Seems more agile than his 40 time would suggest. Tremendous untapped potential.

Cons: Very limited experience at the OG position. Only played two years on the OL at Michigan after being recruited as a DL. Can not get up the field well to finish off blocks on long running plays. Would benefit with more time in the weight room.

Ed Ellis
OT, Buffalo State
6-6 1/4, 318, 5.5

Pros: Big boy and a decent athlete. Is a work in progress who showed signs of improvement last year. Did not routinely face quality defensive players.

Cons: Not to fast, and can be beaten by the speed rush, sometimes easily. Needs a lot of work on his technique. Will need to really step up his game to make an NFL roster.

Vernon Crawford
OLB, Florida State
6-3, 251, 4.9

Pros: Quick off the corner and excellent back side pursuit. Never gives up on a play. Excels on special teams, particularly kick coverage. Plays very determined. Highly regarded by his teammates.

Cons: Coverage skills are a question. Seems to lack the necessary instincts of the position. Is slow to react.

Tony Gaiter
WR, Miami (FL)
5-8, 160, 4.4

Pros: Blazing speed, and knows how to use it to make the big play. Excellent all around athlete. Came into his own after being moved from RB to WR last season. Has a knack for the endzone. Can return kicks and punts.

Cons: You don't see many 160 pound players in the NFL. Durability will be a question mark. Not much experience as a WR.

Scott Rehberg
OT, Central Michigan
6-7 5/8, 320, 5.25

Pros: May be one of the largest Patriots in their history. Good athlete for his size. Plays very well at 320, and has been steadily improving his play. Potential has still not been realized.

Cons: Lacks the large lower body typical of the position and of a man his size. Need to work on his technique and develop more leg strength. Has trouble with the outside speed rush.